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About 13.4


Welcome to 13.4. Thanks for visiting my site. I document my progress dealing with metabolic syndrome. I wrote about my journey early on and encourage you to read that post if you want to know more about what happened to me. It also helps explain why this site is called 13.4.

First of all, this site will help you heal your body and live a fulfilling life. My mission is to share what has worked for me. Sometimes those are resources and tools like recipes and diet plans. Likewise, I’ll also share links to and commentary about news and updates related to diabetes.

All of this is to help you overcome the obstacles that stand between you and a healthy body and mind.

I believe that everyone has the power to improve their health and well-being. You may not be able to complete reverse metabolic syndrome. But you can maximize your potential, even taking that into account. Whether you’re struggling with diet, exercise, or even something like a lack of motivation, I want you to know, I’ve been there too. And because of that, I know I can help you find get back on track.

My diagnosis was in 2017. My journey is just over six years. And in that time I have had ups and downs. However, I can tell you, slow and steady progress has led the way. Additionally, I have discovered many resources and tools that have helped me improve my life.

My articles are based on the latest research and insights. I am hopeful you find it to be practical, actionable, and easy to implement.

I firmly believe in the power of community and support. That’s why I’ve created a space where you can connect with people who are on this journey with us.

Thank you for visiting 13.4. I’m looking forward to seeing your on this path. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.

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